Bifold Doors: Your Biggest Questions Answered

Bifold Doors: Your Biggest Questions Answered

From hi-rise apartment complexes through to smaller properties with limited room to work with – we understand finding a door to suit your needs can be a challenge. As trends continue to rise across bifold doors both in architectural and interior design markets, finding out whether it’s the right suit for your vision often boils down to the same common questions.

So in this post, we’ve collected your most frequently asked questions to help you make a more informed decision.

The most common bifold FAQS

What exactly are bifold doors and can you use them in any location?

In a nutshell, bifold doors operate like an accordian – they open and close up either inwards or outwards. This allows you to create more space in your area, whether it’s to entertain or just maximise the room you’ve got for everyday living.

They are also built in with runners that allow for easy operation. You can even use them in a variety of property types – from apartments in a bustling CBD through to old or modern homes across Australia.

What are the two ways to use these doors?

Bifolds are versatile because they can be installed in homes with restrictive spaces and for creative purposes. Commonly used to open up dining rooms onto an outdoor entertaining area.

What are they made of?

These days there are plenty of makes and materials to choose from, ranging from timber through to UPVC and aluminium. The most suitable option for you will depend on your vision, existing aesthetics, budget and conditions your door will need to withstand (some designs are more weather-resistant than others).

Are they secure?

Not often known, bifold doors are actually more secure than traditional options.

Do they let cold air in?

This depends on the design of your bifold door and the quality of it. Choosing a reputable supplier (like us) means you can have peace of mind that the investment you’ve made will last for the long-term and remain sealed when you need it to. Additionally, energy-efficient glass can also be installed to help reduce your property’s carbon dioxide footprint.

Are they easy to install?

Experts in the trade can easily install your choice of door, making sure all fittings are well-secured.

Are they easy to clean?

Just like your windows, you can maintain your bifold doors just by giving them a wipe down every now and then. Using a damp cloth and multi-purpose spray, you can ensure your designs are kept looking fresh and sparkling-clean, without too much effort. You can clean the tracks easily with a domestic vacuum.

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