Centre Glazed Commercial System

Are your energy bills too high? Are you tired of your space being too hot or too cold and never in-between? Here at MCG, we are proud to offer a state of the art solution that makes those problems a thing of the past; our double glazed windows. Available in two frame depths, 101.6mm and 152.4mm it meets the majority of general wind load and span requirements. Ideal for shopfronts and commercial projects. Double Glazing options which contribute to energy efficiency are available in either the 101.6mm and 152.4mm Systems. With its straight cuts and flush glazing, it not only looks good, but is easy to fabricate and easy to install. Suitable for a range of single glass thicknesses up to 12.4mm.

The benefits of choosing residential or commercial double glazed windows

When it comes to saving energy in the home or office, not many people think of how their windows come into play. Here at MCG, however, our innovative Glazed Systems are designed to conserve as much energy as possible, saving you money and keeping your property comfortable. Better yet, our designs are versatile and allow for all specifications to be catered for. So, whether you’re looking into commercial double glazed windows for your Mornington Peninsula shopfront, or have a property with specific energy and structural requirements, we can make it work.

On top of its flexible design, our Glazing System also allows you to switch between a single or double glazed window with relative ease. By offering many diverse glass options, we ensure that there is a product to suit every client and their specific situation.

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Please check back here soon for info or contact us today for specifications.

Please check back here soon for info or contact us today for specifications.

All of our products are designed using the highest quality materials possible, so you can feel confident that they will look incredible and function seamlessly for many years to come. Suitable for a variety of property types and customisable based on your needs, we are always happy to chat with customers about how our products can work for them. Contact us today and speak with one of our friendly professionals to find out more about any of our amazing Australian products.

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