Essential Sliding Doors

Our Essential sliding doors are our standard sliding door product. Sliding doors are the most common type of glass doors, and serve as the main entrance to most backyards all over Australia. They are also known as ‘stacker doors’ or ‘stacking doors’. Our aluminium sliding doors are designed with a focus on aesthetics, lifestyle, and performance, and are a practical solution for maximising views, and inviting natural light into your home.


 Essential sliding door lock (standard colour: black)
Essential sliding door internal handle (standard colour: black)

Note: Additional hardware colours available upon request at an additional cost

All of our products are designed using the highest quality materials possible, so you can feel confident that they will look incredible and function seamlessly for many years to come. Suitable for a variety of property types and customisable based on your needs, we are always happy to chat with customers about how our products can work for them. Contact us today and speak with one of our friendly professionals to find out more about any of our amazing Australian products.